Useful links

Other Thai- Siamese- and/or OSH- Breeders:
Bellezza Gatta’s Thaikatzen in Potsdam. Here we got Cleo and Bobby-Lee.
Yungayas traditional Siameses and OSH. Susanne Cramer-Rössner’s cattery near Dresden. Here you may find Dackel and Whippets either.
We found our Tinkerbell in familiy Bouzannane’s cattery in Berlin.
Here you may find links to other Thai- and Siamese-Breeders and of course breeders of other races.

Our favourite vets:

In these shops we buy our cat-food, scratching posts and much more:
An Internetshop not just for cat-owners
an excellent shop, where breeders get all they need
best cat- and dog- food

Other Sites which we prefer:
Apelt design sells many things arround cats and many other animals.

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